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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of questions about Colts Neck Polo, our rules, and the sport.  Check here for answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

On the Colts Neck Polo Club

Q: I've never been to a polo match.  How do I get tickets?
A: Colts Neck Polo is open to the public and offers season memberships which entitle you to a regular space at each match.  We also have a number of day spaces available which can be reserved by contacting us prior to a match.  On the day of the match, if spaces are still available, you can pay at the gate.

Q: I am interested in learning to play polo.  Do you offer lessons?
A: Colts Neck Polo does not currently offer training or lessons.  We recommend visiting the United States Polo Association website ( for information on clubs and student information.

Q: The weather looks bad.  Will you be having a match today?
A: Colts Neck Polo is extremely concerned about the safety of both the players and our visitors.  If the weather or field conditions are not conducive to play, we may either shorten or cancel a match.  You can check for cancellations on our website or call the hotline at (732) 389-2044 on the morning of the match for the latest information.

Q: I understand Colts Neck Polo actively contributes to various volunteer organizations in town as well as allowing fund raising opportunities for charities.  How can I help out?
A: Colts Neck Polo welcomes volunteers and has opportunities at each match in a variety of tasks including set up, parking, greeters, and breakdown.  On occasion, Colts Neck Polo also performs maintenance on the fencing and sideboards including repairs and painting.  If you are interested in helping, please call or e-mail us. 

Our Rules

Q: Why do you discourage pets?
A: Colts Neck Polo makes every effort to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone attending our matches.  Action on the field, food on the sidelines, and children in attendance can all distract pets.  Pets can also distract the horses during play which can lead to a players loss of control.  Because of this, the committee asks that pets not be brought to the matches.

Q: Why is the trailer area off limits?
A: The trailer area is very active throughout the match with horses being saddled, groomed and walked between chukkers.  The horses can be very excited both before and after their being ridden.  In addition, play at each end of the field extends beyond the end line as players ride toward the goals.  Colts Neck Polo therefore restricts access to the trailer are for everyone's safety.

Q: Why can't I set my tent up against the fence line?
A: Colts Neck Polo matches are both a sporting and social event.  As such, we encourage our visitors to visit friends and make new ones.  Keeping four feet of space between your tailgate and the fence allows everyone to safely walk on their side of the field.

Q: Why can't I use my Quad or Golf Cart to get around the field?
A: Other than automobiles, Colts Neck Polo prohibits the use of motorized vehicles before, during and immediately following matches.  These vehicles can be difficult to see and with the number of attendees including children at the matches, the committee restricts their use.

About the Sport

Q: Are all polo players right handed?
A: No, polo player may be right or left handed, however polo rules state that all players must hold their mallets in their right hands.

Q: The polo ponies look bigger than ponies.  What type are they?
A: While called ponies, they are really horses.  In many cases, the horses you see on the field are actually thoroughbreds.

Q: Why did one team have points on the scoreboard before the match started?
A: Each player on the field has a rating according to their skill level with the ratings ranging from -2 to 10.  In a handicap match, the total ratings of the players for each team are added and the difference between the two team totals is given to the team with the lower total to "even the score".