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Polo News

From time to time Colts Neck Polo will have some interesting information for our members and supporters.  Check here to find out the latest on the club.

Top Stories

Sunday, September 13ths match was, once again, an excellently played event and an opportunity for families and friends to witness another unique equestrian
tradition, the "retirement" of a polo pony.

    The day included American Celtics from Keyport-
Bag- Pipers Joe Stall, John Smalls, and drummer Mike Vaughn
dressed in authentic kilts while they marched the circumference of the polo
field playing for all the side lines.
Prior to the start of the match the Irish Flag- (generously donated for the
day by the Carey Family of Colts Neck), was raised below the American Flag
by Volunteer Firefighter Alex Wilkes. Later after the match, players enjoyed
a traditional Irish fare of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.

    Tailgaters were encouraged to dress either their tailgate spots,
themselves or both in Irish costume while participating in an Irish contest.

    Categories included:

    Awards for the best
    Irish "Colleen"- Joanne Nadell
    Irish "Himself"- Scott McAllien
    Irish "Little Colleen"- Sofia Barreiro
    Irish "Little Himself"- Steven Saaverdra
    Irish Tailgate- The Barreiro Family

    Colts Neck Polo also celebrated the birthday of Lydia Bibeau with a
cake after the match. Also a special but nostalgic day for Lydia who retired
her favorite polo pony age 25 years old, "Espresso", after playing her last
match during a retirement ceremony. Espresso was also given a treat of
homemade muffins made from molasses and oats by
Lisa Singer- Fitzpatrick for this special occasion.

    "Espresso" retired with a bang with the Buckleigh Team which
won 10 to1 against Colts Neck. Both Lydia and her husband scored the last
two goals in the fourth "chukker".

Colts Neck Polo team played on 4 "Chukkers" instead of the traditional 6
due to a horse that sustained a light injury while traveling from N.Y. State.
Because Buckleigh Polo Club was now down one horse the match was shortened
to not over tax the horses.

Colts Neck takes the first match of the fall season and announces schedule changes

The second half of our '08 Colts Neck Polo season started off on a very 
positive note with a 8-3 win over Shannon Hill.
The fall schedule will include six more exciting matches, and a number of
    Sept. 14th    at  2:00pm*  SHANNON HILL POLO
Colts Neck Polo is proud to present Dr. Elden Klayman during Sunday Sept. 7th
half- time activity.  Along with discussing the "Special Needs of the Polo Pony"
he has some fun show & tell, and will wrap up the half- time activity with a light 
question and answer.


Colts Neck Polo's First Annual Hat Day was a great success...

And that was largely due to the enthusiasm of our tail-gate members.  'Most Elegant Hat' awarded to Lisa Singer's (Colts Neck) Queen Elizabeth creation.
'Most Creative' a "Birthday Cake Hat" was awarded to Cookie McKay (Colts Neck)'Best Little Miss'  "The Polo Pony" to Cambria Saavedra, 9 yrs old of Colts Neck. Cambria designed her own hat, a rider a-top a polo pony!And the 'Grand Prize for Best Ensemble' to Lenore Lesta wearing her "Perfectly Purple" Outfit.  Lenore, a guest of Vincent Cerullo, is also of Colts Neck.

The match was one of those sporting events that either team could have been the winner. The lead changed throughout and was tied with less than thirty seconds on the clock when Shannon Hill put the ball through!

A highlight for Colts Neck was Max Gerberding's play. He scored FIVE GOALS, and was given the MVP award for the match! Our congratulations to Shannon Hill Polo on their win last Sunday with a final score of 8-7.

Buckleigh Polo defeats Colts Neck and Captures the 2008 Eisner Cup

The annual Eisner Cup Match was won by visiting team Buckleigh Polo in a high scoring shortened match.  With temperatures in the 90's, the exciting 4 chucker match was highlighted by a spectacular half time Dressage Demonstration by Katarina Antens-Miller narrated by Jan Eisner!
Our photo gallery now has pictures from 2008 including the demonstration and will be updated with the Monmouth Conservation event shortly.

Please remember, if you are not able to attend a match kindly notify Colts Neck Polo so that your tailgate space can be made available to day- trippers.